Winston Jacob is a Certified, Chartered and Accredited Professional Consultant with a proven track record spanning forty years, thirty three years of which have been in Papua New Guinea. He is the Chairman for Selwin Consult Ltd, Director of Precision Aero Services Pte Ltd and the Ambassador of Global University for Life Long Learning (USA).

He has forty years of professional experience. He was formally with the Papua New Guinea Rural Development Bank as the Principal Appraiser/Consultant. His main function was in Organizational/Human Resource Development, Research and Strategic Management. As a management consultant, he has successfully revived large and small organizations having restructured them to profitability.

He is involved in training Managers and Directors globally. He was the President of the Friends of the National Library, Friends of the Disabled Association and vice president of the Papua New Guinea Human Resource Institute. He is also a Founder Member of the PNG Institute of Directors and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Directors, Member of the Commonwealth Association of Corporate Governance, Commonwealth Association of Public Administration and Management (Canada), International Coach Federation, Fellow of the British/ Australian/Malaysian Institutes of Management, Member of American Consultants Institute, Member of the Australian Human Resource Institute and Advisor to the Indian Human Resource Institute.

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